Two more articles about different accelerometers. This time its the LIS302dl and the MMA7455.

They can be found here and here respectively.



There a lot of stuff to be said about RFID. So better just point to the right page.

Heart Rate receiver

This is about making a heart rate receiver from the Polar chest bands.
They work at 5.3kHz and so you need a small circuit to make them work.
There is not yet a finalized design but this is the info i have so far. You can find it here.



This is about the 24C16 EEPROM. (a memory IC)
You can find it here.

Real Time clock

Actually there are two articles here about real time clocks uysing two different IC’s.
The first one is the DS1307 which you can find here.
The second is the PCF8583 which is here. 


This is a real time clock which simply tells the time and can be found here.



Just a simple temperature IC. This solution uses the arduino digital pins to supply power for the IC.
The page can be found here. Lets hope i wired it correctly and not get incorrect results like below.


Another little I2C IC this time giving three axis acceleration data.


Played around with the ITG3200 gyro today cool.



Now you can tell which direction to go in using a HMC5843 magnmetometer.